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Fortunato Marco

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Roma, Città di appoggio: Napoli, Milano,Torino,Avellino,Firenze, Bologna, Londra, Dublino, New York, Valencia..


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2023 - 2022
Actors' Gym with Mario Pizzuti, a weekly meeting of 4 hours of training and in-depth study both alone and in interaction with other professional actors
2020 - 2017
Actor's gym c / o Rolando Ravello school for actors a weekly meeting of 6 hours of training and deepening both solo and in interaction with other professional actors
Intensive Art Comedy Workshop and Acrobatics with Carlo Boso and Massimo Machiavelli at "Fraternal Compagnia" in Bologna
Intensive seminar on techniques of narrative with Giovanni Balzaretti at the Teatro Agricolo in Livorno
Annual workshop on the differences between film and theatrical acting with David Fiandanese at Teatro Antigone in Rome
Intensive seminar on biomechanics with Giovanni Balzaretti at the Teatro Agricolo di Livorno
2007 - 2005
Biennial Improvisation Laboratory, scenic movement, directed by Mauro Maggioni, Viola Pornaro and Francesco Sala at the Teatri Possibili's acting school in Rome
Intensive Art Comedy Seminar and Construction of the Mask with Giovanni Balzaretti and Andrea Cavarra at the Teatro Agricolo in Livorno
Seminar Theater in Nature, deepening of the art of narrative and art Relationship between actor and nature with Mirko Artuso and Andrea Brunello at the Teatri Possibili's acting school in Trento
Intensive Seminar on Doping Dation and Adaptation with Tenerezza Fattore at the Teatri Possibili's acting school in Rome
2003 - 2000
Triennial Improvisation Laboratory, stage movement, song, guitar, elements of illusionism, juggling with Ilaria Scarano, Giuseppe Pavarese, Tony D'alessio, Goffredo De Prisco, Massimo Testa, Andrea Abruzzese at the AssociazioneSuigeneris di Napoli
1993 - 1990
1990-1993 Triennial of theater acting with Salvatore Mazza and Lucio Mazza At Avellino's Clan H


2024 - 2023
Mare Fuori 4 directed by Ivan Silvestrini produced by Rai fiction PicoMedia in the part of Stefano, the very bad manager of the kennel where Pino "or crazy" will do work experience
2023 - 2022
Our general directed by Giulio Pellegrini and Andrea Jublin produced by Rai Fiction and stand by me in the role of the prisoner Trani, leader of the Red Brigades, leader of the revolt in prison
2023 - 2022
A monstrous marriage directed by Volfango De Biasi produced by IIF and Rai Cinema in the role of the clumsy but authoritarian Mummy Obesis III
2023 - 2022
The Decameron directed by Mike Uppendahl Netflix production as Hugh, a mercenary serving the church and specializing in executions
2022 - 2021
Perla directed by Alessandro Porzio produced by Clan suigeneris in the role of Fabio, son of the gruff and mountaineer protagonist
2020 - 2019
w VIDEO | Inglorious Legue directed by Angelo Pace produced by Intergea and Clan Suigeneris in the part of Fortunato, an over the top criminal despite himself who then becomes one of the superheroes
2017 - 2016
w VIDEO | Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi Direcor Francesco Ebbasta role Frank: the pub's owner production Cattleja The Jackal, Rai Cinema.
2017 - 2015
w VIDEO | Hope director Mimmo Greco Role Callisto:Leader group of survivors production Arketipos
w VIDEO | Istinti director Davide Pellegrino role coprotagonist Fabio Santoro production Rock Movie
2010 - 2009
w VIDEO | il corridioio del grande albergo from a novel of Dino Buzzati director Domenico De Feudis role A shabby man antagonist production: NUCTLAB Cinecittà


2023 - 2022
Inspector Ricciardi directed by Gianpaolo Tescari and Lino Guanciale produced by Rai fiction and Clemart in the part of Peppe, a grumpy and infamous innkeeper
2019 - 2018
Mia Martini, I am Mia directed by Riccardo Donna Rai fiction production in the part of Chicco, bouncer at the Piper and friend of Loredana Bertè
2015 - 2014
w VIDEO | Domicilio directors Andrea Cima e Ludovica Ortame role policeman Ciotti (6 episodes for the Channel 10)

web series

w VIDEO | I Mostri episodio 2 director Domenico Pisani role the husband co-protagonist production: 6ix e Edoardo Bonini, Marco Castaldi, Marco Costa, Nicola Papagno, Domenico Pisan


2012 - 2011
Di Maschera in Maschera art comedy show director Massimo Machiavelli role Pulcinella protagonist at the museum Of medieval art of Bologna production: fraternal compagnia , city of bologna
Zio Vanja di Anton Cechov directors Viola Pornaro and Francesco Sala role Zio Vanja protagonist teatro della Dodicesima Roma
Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett director Mauro Maggioni role Estragon co-protagonist at Teatro della dodicesima Rome
Impronte freely drawn from: S. Benni, A. Bennet, Director Ilaria Scarano, role sherlock barman protagonist Theatrical Review in the Shadow of Maschio Angioino Napoli,Production: Parthenope University Suigeneris Association, City of Naples.
Agamennone di Eschilo director Lucio Mazza role Agamennone protagonist at teatro Samantha della Porta di Avellino producttion: Clan H.


2013 - 2012
Urlo Theater/Cabaret show director David Fiandanese role as a philosopher (about 30 replicas, also author) teatro Antigone, teatro Alba, teatro Testaccio, Santa Marinella Municipal Theater self production.